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Orlando has been working with Horses Spirits Healing Program for about 6 months now. His only previous riding experience was occasional trail rides throughout his life. Orlando first heard about our program through a friend who had previously been a participant in the HSHI riding program, then he was referred through the local VA Center…(Read More)

In the words of Senator Tester, “Horses Spirits Healing helps our nation’s heroes transition back to civilian life after their military service. The men and women who have sacrificed for our country should have access to unique, alternative therapies like these to help with service-related trauma.” We cannot extend enough of our heartfelt…(Read More)

The Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation has awarded $10,000 for Horses Spirits Healing Inc. (HSHI) to provide 100 of our estimated 280 Equine Assisted Activity and Therapy (EAAT ) sessions to non-veteran community participants, and to further the development of our “driving” program and specialized clinics. “We are extremely grateful for the support of…(Read More)

Paul is one of our most committed participants and volunteers.  He cares about the horses, takes care of them to the utmost of his abilities, and is never afraid to ask us any questions he might have. Here is Paul’s story: “The time that I get to spend out at Horses Spirits Healing is…(Read More)

Today, on June 6th, we remember all of our allied soldiers who gave their lives on the beaches of Normandy, making it possible for the Allies to secure their foothold in Europe. World Leaders have gathered to commemorate this historic time of international cooperation. In the words of Queen Elizabeth, “The fate of the world…(Read More)