Volunteers are crucial to the success of Horses Spirits Healing, Inc. and our ability to serve the veteran community. Riders would be unable to participate without the assistance of volunteers.

We would not be able to provide safe, quality services without you.
Volunteers are just as diverse as our participants and include individuals, large groups, and families. We welcome your willingness to help in our programs and give back to our community. We have many volunteer opportunities that will make use of your personal talents and fulfill your reasons for volunteering. The time commitment will depend on the area you wish to serve.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Leader
  • Sidewalker
  • Lesson Assistant
  • Horse Buddy
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Fundraising Assistant
  • Internship Credit Fulfillment
  • Community Service Fulfillment

Our volunteers are important to us! We hope to be able to show our appreciation for you and know that “thank you” will never quite be enough to express our gratitude. If you are interested in helping others, come share experiences with our riders and assist them with their personal journey. We trust that you will be rewarded with personal growth, satisfaction and enjoyment through your volunteer experience at HSHI.

Are You Interested In Volunteering?

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Not ready to Volunteer?

If you aren’t ready to volunteer, there are many other ways you can help. We keep a current equipment Wish List for our equine team as well as the facility. Please contact us for information on our current needs. If you would like to sponsor the care of one of our equine team or sponsor a Veteran’s session, you may do so by clicking the Donate button on the home page or by contacting our office. Other ways to help include spreading the word about the program.