Horses Spirits Healing, Inc. offers therapeutic horseback riding to adults and children. Regardless of past horse experience, riding lessons start from the ground up, to instill confidence and communication between horse and rider.  

Certified instructors teach horsemanship skills that come with benefits that contribute to a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Physical benefits include, but are not limited to, increased: balance/posture, core muscle strength, coordination, and motor control. Mental and emotional benefits include but are not limited to increased: confidence, independence, concentration, self-esteem, patience, problem-solving, and improved sequential thought processing. 



These sessions utilize the abilities of the horse with the skills of certified instructors, counselors, and volunteers to achieve functional therapeutic goals. 

EAL sessions can be structured for groups or individuals, and include a combination of ground work and riding.

These equine-based activities allow participants to work on goals, such as:

  • Identify behavioral patterns and emotional responses
  • Enhance emotional regulation
  • Develop trust in a safe environment
  • Improve decision-making and goal-setting skills
  • Learn more effective communication skills
  • Establish appropriate boundary-setting skills
  • Sense of community and develop desire to engage with community


Horses Spirits Healing Inc. is happy to announce that we are offering an additional lesson option! Family members of veterans and active duty military may take a lesson along with their loved one free of charge.