Memorial Day- Honoring Those Whom Have Fallen

by | May 27, 2019 | Thank You, The Latest

“This Memorial Day I encourage our community to honor and remember our servicemen and women who answered America’s call to service and paid the ultimate price.  Take some time from your long weekend to participate in a Memorial Day event or tradition, put flowers at a grave at a veteran’s cemetery, or honor the dead by supporting living veterans.  Pay your respects to our fallen heroes.”

-Chancellor Dan Edelman, U.S. Army, Disabled Veteran

Memorial Day was first recognized in 1868 at Arlington National Cemetery by decorating the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers.  We take time on this day to pay tribute to all whom have fallen as a price of war, to remember their selflessness, their insurmountable courage and honor that inspires our hope for a better tomorrow.  Not only are we remembering those we have lost, but also those who were left behind and left to mourn.  On this day, we also lift each other up.