Richard Hackett Support Letter

by | Dec 7, 2018 | Stories

Dear Mr. Gatzemeier,

Thank you for Horses Spirits Healing Inc (HSHI)’s involvement in Equine Therapy for U.S. Military veterans. I first learned about HSHI from a brochure at the local Veteran’s Affairs Clinic. I was not sure what to expect when I signed up for participation. After recently completing ten complimentary sessions of once a week therapy, I want to thank you for the opportunity and commend you and all of your staff, two legged and four legged ones included, for all of the hard work and dedication that has been clearly displayed every time I have been on the grounds.

As an OIF service-connected veteran, whom served multiple tours of duty and is still dealing with consequences of that service, I have shared the frustration with many other veterans who see promises and accolades made by public figures or other organizations but then do not see genuine efforts to follow through with actions. HSHI is obviously way beyond just words and publicity exploitation. HSHI is providing a valuable service that requires people with special knowledge and skills and the correct type of infrastructure and space, and more importantly, is putting all of that to clearly good use on a daily basis.

After completing my ten weeks as a participant, I was expecting that I would have to afterwards, relish the memories but move on. I was exited to learn that grant funds have been made available, and are being offered, for myself and other veterans to continue these types of sessions. I am looking forward to my continued work with HSHI and I would like to fully endorse HSHI for any related funding opportunities, for veterans and non-veterans alike.

Thank you,
Richard Hackett
OIF Veteran — U.S. Army
82nd Airborne Division
325th Airborne Infantry Regiment