Horses Spirits Healing, Inc. offers therapeutic horseback riding to adults and children who may not otherwise have an opportunity to connect with horses. Participants begin their horsemanship journey with approximately three groundwork sessions. These sessions consist of working with the horses on the ground, building confidence and learning fundamental skills such as general horse care, grooming, saddling, and leading. We firmly believe a solid foundation leads to confidence later on in the saddle.

Our PATH Intl. certified therapeutic riding instructors teach equine skills with the intention of beneficially contributing to an individual’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. For individuals with impaired mobility, the many benefits of horseback riding include increased: balance and posture, core muscle strength, coordination, and motor control. For those with more internal goals, benefits of working with a horse on the ground include increased confidence, independence, concentration and self-esteem, patience, problem-solving, and improved sequential thought processing.

For those seeking a focus on horsemanship our lessons provide an opportunity for participants to develop a trusting bond with their horse and program personnel.

Volunteers are utilized on an as-needed basis for ground and riding support.

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These sessions use a solution-oriented approach, encouraging participants to seek their own effective paths when encountering unfamiliar tasks and develop insights based on their own reactions to the situations.

EAL sessions can be structured for groups or individuals, and include a combination of ground work and riding.

These equine-based activities allow participants to work on goals, such as:

  • Increase focus and attention span
  • Identify behavioral patterns and emotional responses
  • Become mindful of the relationship of feelings to behaviors
  • Enhance emotional regulation
  • Improve self-esteem, self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Develop healthier relationships
  • Develop trust in a safe environment
  • Acquire varied socialization skills
  • Improve decision-making and goal-setting skills
  • Learn more effective communication skills
  • Establish appropriate boundary-setting skills
  • Fellowship and camaraderie
  • Sense of community and develop desire to engage with community
  • Learn and develop caregiving attitudes


Horses Spirits Healing Inc. is happy to announce that we are offering an additional lesson option! Family members of veterans and active duty military may take a lesson along with their loved one free of charge. Please contact us for more information.


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