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The Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation has awarded $10,000 for Horses Spirits Healing Inc. (HSHI) to provide 100 of our estimated 280 Equine Assisted Activity and Therapy (EAAT ) sessions to non-veteran community participants, and to further the development of our “driving” program and specialized clinics. “We are extremely grateful for the support of…(Read More)

Horses Spirits Healing Inc., an equine-based program for veterans with service-related injuries or disabilities, has received a grant for $5,000 from the Fortin Family Foundation. The award was provided to help with HSHI’s unique program with equine assisted activities and therapy, according to Paul Gatzemeier, HSHI president. “The Fortin Family is…(Read More)

A program that uses horses to help heal injured military veterans is getting closer to forming the partnerships it needs to start taking in large numbers of veterans. But even in the limited number of sessions it has offered veterans in its first year, the Horses Spirits Healing program at the Intermountain Equestrian Center north…(Read More)